Tree Hotel - Sweden. A dream honeymoon destination

An itnary by vinod - 4 years ago
Duration: 2 days 19 hours
Distance covered on Earth: 0 m/0 mi
Budget (avg. per person): $2501 to $5000
Level of Planning: A few Weeks
Highlights: tree hotel, northern lights, snow mobile, dinner over frozen river, dog sledging

Day 1
Start: 16:00  harads
End: 04:00 (+3 days) harads
Mode: Car, Airplane
Distance: 0 m/0 mi
northern lights following a brave snowmobile drive into the woods on a biting cold night
Sights: Northern Lights, the very unique Tree Hotel
Activities: the amazing, snowmobile, dog sledging, dinner on frozen river, rein deer
Food/Drink: tasty local fish (mainly salmon), breads and the limited yet delicious buffet at the hotel
Places to Stay: Tree Hotel