Michigan lighthouse winter tour

An itnary by amail2kiran - 4 years ago
Duration: 12 hours
Distance covered on Earth: 525 km/326.2 mi
Budget (avg. per person): $0 to $50
Level of Planning: Zero - Just go with it
Highlights: Frozen Lake, Lighthouse covered in Ice

Day 1
Start: 09:00  Auburn Hills, Michigan
End: 12:30 Grand Haven Lighthouse
Mode: Car
Distance: 249.7 km/155.1 mi
Sights: Grand Haven light house, Frozen Lake Michigan
Activities: If you are brave, walk on the frozen lake
Start: 14:00  Grand Haven Lighthouse
End: 15:00 big red light house, holland
Mode: Car
Distance: 31.9 km/19.9 mi
Sights: Holland Harbor light, Big Red light house
Activities: Walk on Frozen lake Michigan (If brave enough)
Start: 17:30  big red light house, holland
End: 21:00 Auburn Hills, MI
Mode: Car
Distance: 243.4 km/151.3 mi