Alaska: The Last Frontier

Alaska: Forget-you-never

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Duration: 1 week 1 day
Distance covered on Earth: 1796.6 km/1116.3 mi
Budget (avg. per person): $1001 to $2500
Level of Planning: A few Days
Highlights: Alaska, Anchorage, Seward, The Dalton Highway, RV road trip, Explore Mountain ranges, Glaciers, Scenic roads, The Arctic Circle, Wildlife, The Last Frontier

Day 1
Start: 18:30  Anchorage, AK
End: 07:00 (+1 days) Anchorage, AK
Mode: N/A
Distance: 0 m/0 mi
An interesting arrangement at the airport baggage collectionView from the room @ Residence Inn
Food/Drink: Veggie Burger
Places to Eat: Johnny Chicago's
Places to Stay: Residence Inn Anchorage Midtown

Day 2
Start: 07:00  Anchorage, AK
End: 11:00 Seward, AK
Mode: Car
Distance: 126.3 km/78.5 mi
Onward to SewardThe fog as we approached Turnagain Pass on the Seward HighwayIt was a beautiful morning drive to SewardA scenic drive indeedSeward Harbor
Sights: AK-1, AK-9, Turnagain Pass, Chugach State Park, Lakes, Scenic Seward Highway, Glaciers from the highway
Activities: Scenic drive
Start: 11:00  Seward, AK
End: 17:00 Seward, AK
Mode: Boat
Distance: 0 m/0 mi
The view as we exited Resurrection BayThe Aialik Glacier, in all its gloryThe glistening waters of the Gulf of AlaskaBack towards Seward, notice the contrasting colors of the water in the distanceOur vessel
Sights: Kenai Fjords National Park, Exit Glacier, Wildlife, Orcas, Seals, Humpback whales, sea otter, Gulf of Alaska, Aialik Glacier, Bear Glacier
Activities: 6 hr Kenai Fjords National Park Tour, Photography
Food/Drink: Veggie Sandwich
Places to Eat: Kenai Fjords Tour boat
Start: 17:00  Seward, AK
End: 21:00 Anchorage, AK
Mode: Car
Distance: 126.3 km/78.5 mi
The drive back from Seward was mind-blowing!One of the many crystalline lakes between MM 18 and 47 on Seward Highway - Breathtakingly still!Notice the double rainbowA glorious sunset cast its spellA pleasant view as the sun prepared to set; looking south from the Seward Highway
Sights: Turnagain Pass, Sunset, Sun-kissed snow-capped mountain reflections, crystalline lakes, Dall Sheep
Activities: hike at Turnagain Pass, Scenic drive
Start: 21:00  Anchorage, AK
End: 10:00 (+1 days) Anchorage, AK
Mode: N/A
Distance: 0 m/0 mi
Food/Drink: Veggie Sub
Places to Eat: Subway
Places to Stay: Great Alaskan Holidays RV

Day 3
Start: 10:00  Anchorage, AK
End: 18:00 Denali National Park, AK
Mode: RV
Distance: 237.2 km/147.4 mi
Our ride, for the next full week in Alaska: Minnie WinnieDriving up the scenic George Parks Highway AK 3Along the scenic AK-3NThe Nenana river by AK-3The Nenana river; right outside Denali National Park
Sights: Mount McKinley, Denali, AK-3N, George Parks Highway, Denali Viewpoint South, Nenana river, Savage river, Beautiful roads
Activities: Scenic drive, Denali State Park
Start: 18:00  Denali National Park, AK
End: 10:00 (+2 days) Denali National Park, AK
Mode: Foot, Bus
Distance: 0 m/0 mi
At the entrance to one of the largest and most beautiful National ParksOn the banks of the Teklanika riverPolychrome Pass, that explains!The Alaska Range - A sight to behold A wonderful hike up the Alpine Trail through a snowstorm; starting at the Eielson Visitor Center
Sights: Gravel Roads to the Tek campground, Tundra, Wilderness, Alaska Range, Polychrome Pass, Grizzly Bears, Mount McKinley, Denali, Grey Wolves, Moose, Wildlife
Activities: Scenic drive, Hike by the Teklanika river, TEK Pass Bus Tour, Alpine trail hike at Eielson Visitor Center, Camp
Food/Drink: RV-prepared food, trail snacks
Places to Stay: Teklanika River RV Campground

Day 5
Start: 10:00  Denali National Park, AK
End: 21:00 Coldfoot, AK
Mode: RV
Distance: 436 km/270.9 mi
Bidding farewell to the Alaska Range for now, just outside Denali National ParkNotice the 'wavy' road; AK 3 N featured here. The skies were clearing up, and we were gearing up for exciting roads!Note the patterned forests, along AK 2N, past FairbanksThe Dalton Highway aka AK-11 greets usAs far as the eye can see; Yep, that's the Dalton highway all through
Sights: AK-3, AK-2, AK-11, Fairbanks, The Dalton Highway, Gravel Roads, the Arctic Circle, Yukon river, Roller coaster, Beaver slide, Finger Mountain, Tundra, Trans-Alaska Pipeline, Alyeska Pipeline, Brooks Range
Activities: Drive on the Dalton Highway
Food/Drink: RV-prepared food
Places to Eat: RV
Start: 21:00  Coldfoot, AK
End: 16:00 (+1 days) Coldfoot, AK
Mode: Foot, RV
Distance: 0 m/0 mi
Our abode for the night; just 5 miles north of Coldfoot, AKThe US Post Office, Wiseman, AlaskaSukakpak Mountain; MM 207 on The Dalton HighwayColdfoot, AK; World's northernmost truck stop; population: 10 (2010)The Brooks Range; a perspective
Sights: Arctic Interagency Visitor Center, Wiseman, Sukakpak Mountain, Milemarker 220, Coldfoot, Expensive Gas, The Brooks Range, Gates of the Arctic National Park
Activities: Hike the Marion Creek trail, Scenic drive
Food/Drink: RV-prepared food
Places to Eat: RV
Places to Stay: Marion Creek Campground

Day 6
Start: 16:00  Coldfoot, AK
End: 21:00 Five Mile AK
Mode: RV
Distance: 147.5 km/91.6 mi
The Trans-Alaska pipelineThe Arctic Circle sign board (the back of it)Beaver Slide, 'up' aheadA view from Finger mountain
Sights: Black Bears, Moose, the Arctic Circle, Finger Mountain, Sunset
Activities: Scenic drive
Food/Drink: RV-prepared food
Places to Eat: RV
Start: 21:00  Five Mile AK
End: 09:00 (+1 days) Five Mile AK
Mode: N/A
Distance: 0 m/0 mi
The magical northern lights, captured on a phone; at the 5-mile campgroundMinnie Winnie at the campgroundThe Dalton Highway bridge over the river YukonSouvenir store @ Yukon river camp; Dorothy was a sweet old lady
Sights: Aurora Borealis, Northern Lights, Yukon river, Yukon river camp gift store
Activities: Camp, Witness Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis, Photography
Food/Drink: RV-prepared food
Places to Eat: RV
Places to Stay: Five Mile campground MM 60

Day 7
Start: 09:00  Five Mile AK
End: 23:00 Glennallen, AK
Mode: RV
Distance: 473.4 km/294.2 mi
Hess Creek, along the Dalton HighwayEven small puddles on the highway provided good photo opportunitiesThe Alaska Range; viewed from the Richardson Highway
Sights: Hess creek, Boreal forests, Town of North Pole, Alaska Range
Activities: Scenic drive
Start: 23:00  Glennallen, AK
End: 10:00 (+1 days) Glennallen, AK
Mode: N/A
Distance: 0 m/0 mi
Minnie Winnie at the Dry Creek State Recreation SiteThe Dry Creek State Recreation Site, near Glennallen, AKMailbox photography around Glennallen
Activities: Camp
Food/Drink: RV-prepared food
Places to Eat: RV
Places to Stay: Dry Creek State Recreation site

Day 8
Start: 10:00  Glennallen, AK
End: 17:00 Anchorage, AK
Mode: RV
Distance: 249.7 km/155.1 mi
Spectacular views of the hills and cloud-capped mountains along AK-1WColors of Fall, and a rickety old bridgeThe Matanuska Glacier, in all its gloryThe crystal-clear Matanuska River, as it emerges from the glacierMatanuska River, as it braids through the Talkeetna mountains
Sights: AK-1W, Talkeetna Range, Matanuska Glacier, Matanuska river
Activities: Scenic drive, Hike the Matanuska Glacier
Food/Drink: RV-prepared food
Places to Eat: RV
Start: 17:00  Anchorage, AK
End: 20:00 (+1 days) Anchorage, AK
Mode: Foot, Car
Distance: 0 m/0 mi
Flat Top MountainPart of the Flat-top trail; definitely not a 'flat trail to the top'At the summit; Flat-top peakOn a clear day, they say, you can see the Kenai Peninsula, Anchorage and the Alaska Range from up hereA toast to Alaska; wilderness, beauty, and wonder - The last frontier indeed!
Sights: Anchorage Market and Festival, Flat-top Mountain
Activities: Hike the Flat top trail, Photography
Food/Drink: Indian
Places to Eat: Bombay Deluxe Restaurant Anchorage
Places to Stay: Great Alaskan Holidays RV